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今宵も必然を装ってベルは鳴る/Ringing tonight under the guise of necessity

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リンリンリン 電話が鳴る 暇だとばれないよう 私を呼び出すよう設定してある 電話の相手は誰でもない 決して私を傷付けない

ピーピーピー 速報が鳴る 地球の裏側では銃声が轟き 子供達が泣き叫んでいる こちら側ではナイフとフォークを手に 屠殺された命を食いちぎっている

未亡人の浮気も一途な男の執着も 神が罪と呼ぶなら 皆 生まれながらの罪人で もしくはすべて存在しないというなら ただあるのは無のみ

永い歴史の中で 花は咲けども 命短し 地球上の一瞬に行き交う人々 もはやこの生命さえ謀反の企て 雨や風は等しくすべてを吹き飛ばしていく


Ringing tonight under the guise of necessity

The phone is ringing. I have set it to call me Without making it known That I have too much free time. Nobody is on the phone. It never wounded me.

The news is flashed. At the back of the Earth, A gunshot echoes And children are crying. We bite off slaughtered life With a knife and fork here.

An affair of a widow and an attachment of a man who is sincere. If God calls it a sin, We are born sinners. Or if all things do not exist, There is only nothing.

In long history, Flowers bloom and their lives are short. There are people passing each other in what for the Earth it is just a moment. Even this life is a rebellion plot. Rain falls and wind blows all equally.


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