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踊れ、生命よ!/Dance, lives!

*See below for the English version.



左をみれば問題が 目をつぶればそれらは消えて 真夏の夜の夢 在りし日の浮世話も 今や遠い昔 あの人は優しいけれど ナイフを隠し持っている 薔薇のもつ棘の話をもっと聞かせて 世間は臭い物には蓋をしろだから すれ違ってばかり 痛みさえもまがい物 鐘を鳴らさなきゃ みんなに合図を送らなきゃ ウインクするくらいのやわな合図はよして 心臓をズキュンと突き刺して 今すぐアン、ドゥ、トロワ 用意はいいかい あなたが本気になるだけで 人生は踊り出す さあご一緒に! いろいろな色をした人々が交差していく 眩い光 混ぜて混ぜて色を混ぜて 揺らせ揺らせ地球は揺籠 踊れ踊れ ステップを踏むのはあなたの靴底じゃなく あなた自身だから

Dance, lives!

There are problems when I look right There are problems when I look left They are gone when I close my eyes Like a midsummer night's dream Nowadays the love story from the old days is so far Although he is kind He has a knife in concealment Tell me more the story of roses which have thorns Life is to sweep trouble under the rug That’s why we keep missing each other Even pain is an imitation We need to ring a gong We need to send a signal to everyone Avoid the easy signal like a wink Stab into a thumping heart Do it now! Un, deux, trois Are you ready? If only you put your whole strength into it Your life starts dancing Come on, will you join us? Many colored people cross paths The dazzling light Mix and mix, and mix colors Shake and shake, and the earth is a cradle Dance and dance Not the sole of a shoe but you do a step

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