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パレード/The Parade

*See below for the English version.


我々はどこから来たのか 我々は何者か 我々はどこへ行くのか 我々は死者の生命からやって来た 我々は生命の相続人 我々は死者の生命へ再び戻って行く 花は唄う 虫は踊る 鳥は風を呼び 獣は大地を駆ける 星は微笑み 太陽と月は地球を揺らす さあ あなたもご一緒に 春が夏になるように 秋が冬になるように 生者は死者と行進する

The Parade

Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? We are from lives of the dead. We are heirs to lives. We are going back to lives of the dead again. Flowers sing. Insects dance. Birds call the wind, and beasts run on the earth. Stars smile, and the sun and the moon make the earth swing. All together now. Like spring becomes summer. Like autumn becomes winter. The live parade with the dead.

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